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First of all, I want to thank you for putting this information out there. I can't imagine how many hours it took you to compile all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have spent hours reading and re-reading all of this info..I just started digi scraping and LOVE it--I will never go back to paper again. But, unfortunatley, I am not to computer literate, I just barely get by. I have completed a few layouts..but I'm having the worst time saving them. I have read your section...Save as...what?" over and over again, I even had my husband try to figure it luck. After I'm finished, I am saving to Photoshop..I'm not flattening the layers, but when I open it back's flattened. Even more frustrating is when I try to save as a jpeg, the file is so large, it won't allow me to view it..I get "image is too large, to many bytes" and b/c it's so large, I can't put it on my memory stick to print. I am so frustrated, to the point of tears. I'm sure it's something so simple...but I can't figure it out...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,


ok, let's walk through this. which kind of Photoshop do you have?

after I'm done with a layout, I go to "File > Save As." Give it a file name. In format, it should automatically say "Photoshop (*.PSD;*PDD)" Underneath that, there are "Save Options." make sure the box next to "layers" is checked. Then hit "Save."

As for JPEGs, go to "File > Save As" again. Give it a file name. Hit "tab" to get to the format box, then hit the letter "J" on your keyboard. This should automatically select "JPEG (*.JPG;*JPEG;*JPE)" Hit "save," and another box will pop up -- now you decide how high the quality you're saving your file will be -- I always select at least 10, if not 12. To give you an idea of what the file size should be, here are some examples of the file sizes of my layouts as Photoshop files, then as JPEGS.

56 MBs ; 4.02 MBs

67.4 MBs ; 2.9 MBs

41.4 MBs ; 2.38 MBs

So obviously, your flattened layout should fit on a memory disk . What size are the saved files showing up as? (You can find this by simply holding your mouse over the file and waiting for a pop up with file information, OR right click on the file and choose "properties." My only other question is how big are you creating your layouts? What ppi and what inch size? Let me know if any of this helps and we can try from there.


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